A Brief History of Corn Dollies

'Corn dollies have a traditional significance and place in our craft history, originally representing a ritual propitiation of the gods for fine weather, prosperity, fertility and the supply of seed for next year’s harvest. It is a theme that has a parallel in every European country.'(A Golden Dolly, 1973)


The simplest of all corn dollies is known as the Countryman’s Favour. Three or more straws can be used.

Corn Dolly

" 'Tis but a thing of straw" They say,

Yet even straw can sturdy be

Plaited into doll like me.

And in the days of long ago

To help the seeds once more to grow

I was an offering to the gods.

A very simple way indeed

Of asking them to intercede

That barn and granary o’erflow

At harvest time, with fruit and corn

To fill again Amalthea’s horn.